Integrating with SpotX for Connected TV (CTV)

Integrating with SpotX for Connected TV (CTV) CTV Integration Parameters Application Data Parameter VAST Parameter Type CTV App Name app[name] String Required Application Bundle app[bundle] String Required App Domain app[domain] String Recommended App Category app[cat] String Recommended Application Version app[ver] String Recommended Application Privacy Policy app[privacypolicy] Integer Recommended Application Store URL app[storeurl] String Recommended when […]


WHAT IS BUNDLE ID SPOOFING? March 28, 2019Albert WangProduct Pulse Continuing from our posts on SDK spoofing and click injection and flooding, the final round of our in-app fraud series will focus on bundle ID spoofing. To put it simply — bundle ID spoofing is the app-equivalent of domain spoofing. It’s when bad actors misrepresent opportunities to seem like they’ll be […]

TV Apps Design for Android TV

The Android TV user interface provides the launch pad for your app’s big screen experience. This page provides a quick overview of how your app appears and how users can interact with it on Android TV. For more information about how to design for Android TV, see the Android TV design guidelines. Note: Your app must meet […]

Amazon Fire TV – Design and User Experience Guidelines

Source: Television user interface design differs significantly from the design for desktop computers, tablets, or phones. These guidelines will help you become familiar with the design principles for a 10-foot UI and help you integrate your application and its design into the Amazon Fire TV user interface. General Principles Use these principles to guide […]

tvOS Design Themes

Source: tvOS Design Themes Apple products are known for connecting people with content. This feeling of connection is expected from Apple TV, even though it isn’t a device that you hold or touch directly. In many households, Apple TV sits in the living room, bringing people together for entertainment and conversation. Apple TV is a […]

Designing for Television

An introduction to the basic ingredients of a TV UI Source : Welcome to the new Golden Age of television. Not only is there more great television being produced than ever before, but we also have more choice in how we watch our favorite shows. And while we can access these shows anywhere and anytime through our computers, […]

ViXi Video CMS V3.0 is available for beta customer

Woo Media Video CMS V3.0 is available for beta customer with some new cool features Video GEO restrictions per title Device Manager – Manage rights per device Household and sub accounts Personalized TV Guide + Info-bar for large screens “ZapApp” theme for Live TV, Radio, Podcasts and VOD WOO Media provides content owners, producers and […]

What is Cost Per Action (CPA)

With CPA, Advertiser compensates its publishers for a desired action. These actions may include filling out a form, signing up for a newsletter, or opening an account. For advertisers, CPA is preferable because ad cost is directly proportional to conversion rates, which means advertisers only pay for actions which contribute to their bottom line.